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Hearken now unto my voice, I will give thee counsel, and God shall be with thee... Exodus 18:19
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Hello and Welcome to the Virtual Counselor by Misop Baynun

The Virtual Counselor of Misop is under construction at the moment. We hope to have this virtual counselor more funtional soon.

I'm feeling sad. What should I do?

I'm feeling a little sad myself while trying to answer this question. But I would say try not to become unrealisticly pursueded by your sadness. Things can become very difficult at times, but they also can be exagerated in our minds—sometimes we are purposfully led down the path of being overly sad by forces that are trying to sweep us toward depression or worse, when God wants us to avoid unnessessary sadness. Sandness that leads to repentence and a turning toward God can be the best thing for us. But sadness that just ruins our lives is not what God wants for us. Knowing Jesus as your Savior is obviously the best way to bring joy into your life (and I don't mean fake so-called "Christian" joy covering an overly burdonsome, lonely heart, but true joy from God.

Yet there are many things that can help lead us to sadness that we should be watchful of. For example: diet, lack of health, and being results driven as opposed to driven to follow God regarless of the results—and enjoying the peace and joy that this results in. For example if you are led by God to write a book, and God provides you with the time to write the book, and you actually complete the book, but no one seems to want to read it, that's okay if you are not overly results driven (or success driven). Sure you might want to improve on your next attemp, or maybe you feel very happy with it and you feel God is pleased with your efforts, but maybe it's before its time or something. That's okay. All you can do is the best you can with what you've got. Yet sometimes we are not able to do the best we can because of mitigating circumstances. Try to, with God's help, bash down those mitigating circumstances—or even just try to pick away at them a little the best you can. Yet have peace in this process and in all things.

I don't have a lover and I would like one. What should I do?

Welcome to the party. Things can get screwed up in life. For example you might be the best person in the world, and if everyone you come across is not exactly looking for that, then your love party might need to wait. Or you might be the worst person in the world, but still wanting to share your life with another, but still are not finding that match. Either way (and any person between the best and worst person in the world—I don't want to limit my audience too much), hang in there.

Of course, keep in mind, that God has your back. As Jesus said (in Mark 10:9), "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder."

I feel inconsequential. What should I do?

You count. Just know that.

I get angry too much. What should I do?

Take a chill pill—or just chill for a bit.

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