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Transformational Leadership


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Excerpts from the book:

Part One: Introduction

“Organizational transformation, ideally, is about changing an organization from one without a clear purpose to one that is empowered, unified, and with an organized, compelling mission.” ...


“Rightly or wrongly, coercive power is frequently used in most organizations.”15 It is unfortunate that professionals must be coerced to follow basic protocol. However, the idea behind transformational and enlightened leadership – as we will see when we review McGregor’s Y Theory – is that individuals will often elevate themselves to relatively high levels of initiative and production when provided with the tools, freedom, and encouragement necessary to be successful.” ...


“Theory Y is far more positive, however. Theory Y says people are motivated internally by higher needs: that work is positive, and at best enjoyable, natural and satisfying. In fact, an individual truly performs exceptional work when he or she is satisfied by doing it. McGregor also believed that not only designated leaders should accept leadership responsibility – average workers have the ability to do so, as well.”

“Paul Schlosberg gives an informative, eye-opening, treatise about the perils of traditional (sometimes condescending and less inspiring) leadership as he tries to convince us to subscribe to a worthy alternative, "Transformational Leadership." This quick read is a sure help for those of us looking to “transform” our leadership skills to help inspire co-workers onto creative and productive partnerships with their surrounding work team as these newly transformed leaders look to their team for reciprocal inspiration."—Misop Baynun

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