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Misop Baynun, MagPro Publishing author                            

Israel's Homecoming: Investigation of Prophecies Concerning the Messiah and Israel from Genesis and Other Scriptures

Would you like to investigate prophecies about Israel’s homecoming? Do you want to perceive the future of Israel? Would you like to see where references to Yeshua in the Tanakh (Jesus in the Old Testament) are? Do you care to understand how these are interrelated? While pointing out prophecies concerning Israel, Messianic prophecies, and other passages found in Genesis (Bereshiyt), the first book of the Law (Torah), ...

... and throughout other books of the Bible, Israel’s homecoming is discussed. This is done while not too often using monolithic monosyllabic diatribes or cumbersome quagmiry banter frothing; yet there might be some stammering here and there.
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"Relevant and inspired: scriptural, instructional and accurate – a book whose time has come."

Sam Rucker
Jubilee House, Literary Department