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"While attending a local synagogue, the author of this book, Misop Baynun, had the desire to investigate even further the prophetic and other passages that he and his congregation studied during the Shabbat (Sabbath) services. A warm letter written to a friend is the format of this book. Misop’s friend to whom he writes is the Teacher of the Law at this synagogue. (The author hopes that you will read it as well, for it is also for you.) This book is for all the children of Israel, all the sons and daughters of God, anyone interested in investigating what certain persons consider being God’s Word to all of us, and anyone else."

From Chapter Preface [html] (p17) of the book

Israel's Homecoming [info]

by Misop Baynun

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Misop Baynun (left) and Levi Malachel (Right),
relax in Ein Gedi, Israel

Misop's written works include Israel's Homecoming, Throngs of Iniquity, and Misop's Book of Band Names

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