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MagPro Quote of the Day:
"Now how could God reveal himself to us on an intimate level, show us God’s humility so that we can emulate it, and allow us to be so confident of God’s forgiveness of our sins and God’s love for us that we would dare to show love back to God?"

From Chapter 3) and ye shall be as gods [html] (p81) of the book The Future of Israel (Volume I: Genesis) [info] by Misop Baynun – a MagPro Publishing author
[Statue of Jonah's whale in Jaffa, Israel] MagPro Photo of the Day:
Jonah's whale statue in Jaffa, Israel

Jaffa (Joppa, Yaffa), Israel is the place where Jonah climbed into a boat trying to escape the job of prophesying to the people of Nineveh. [See Jonah 1] MB

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MagPro Song of the Day: "Will You Give Your Heart and Walk the Track?" from I Held the Distance Close (Volume I) by Misop Baynun, a MagPro Records recording artist  about MagPro  contact  Previous Hompages  sitemap  Shortcut to Salvation  Free Software
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