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MagPro Quote of the Day:
"The street corner kids were dancing. They seemed free and happy for a brief moment of time as a white car pulled up and blared a Rap song, "Oh, boy, I love you so – never, ever, ever gonna let you go." They all danced."

From Chapter 45) Street Corner Kids [html] (p30) of the book Throngs of Iniquity [pdf] by Misop Baynun – a MagPro Publishing author
[Misop Baynun, Israel, and Hermes McGrath stand on Jaffa St. in W. Jerusalem, Israel.] MagPro Photo of the Day:
Misop, Israel and Hermes on Jaffa Street

The three of us were able to have a wonderful conversation about the Lord not far from where our souls salvations were paid for. Please pray for my dear friend Israel (center) and for the peace of Jerusalem (and for the peace of Lebanon) during the current conflict. Israel's residence is in the Old City, Jerusalem. MB

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