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MagPro Quote of the Day:
"And Descartes’ philosophy, based one-dimensionally upon logical explanation without intuitive feel, along with Newton’s mechanistic system, left little if any room in Western thought for the usefulness of balanced thinking, feelings, creativity, and subjectivity."

From Chapter 3. Newton And Taylor (p30) of the book Transformational Leadership by Paul Schlosberg – a MagPro Publishing author
[Misop Baynun and friend from a Kibbutz in Galilee smile during independence day celebrations on the May 11, 2005.] MagPro Photo of the Day:
Misop and friend from Kibbutz in Galilee, Israel

The Kibbutz I was visiting held an Independence Day celebration for Israel on May 11, 2005. Yet prophesies in the bible foresaw the return of the children of Israel thousands of years ago. [Jeremiah 50:4-5] Yet isn't this prophecy also about a spiritual return – an entering into a perpetual covenant, a new covenant? [Jeremiah 31:1-3] MB

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