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MagPro Quote of the Day:
"If you're a nice person for the wrong reasons, you're probably worse than a bum-crevasse; at least a bum-crevasse is honest. Some people act holy and nice and good natured and polite just to enjoy the glory they receive for being like that. They do their works of goodness for all to see."

From Chapter 50) Holy Veneer [html] (p186) of the book Throngs of Iniquity [pdf] by Misop Baynun – a MagPro Publishing author

[The sun shining on the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts, during the 4th of July, 2006 – with some random people.] MagPro Photo of the Day:
Boston Esplanade on the 4th of July, 2006 Series (8 of ?)

The sun, on the Charles River, keeps on shinning. God has certainly done a good job keeping the sun burning for so long. I have yet to see it sputter or look like it is going to fizzle out for as long as I can remember. MB

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