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MagPro Quote of the Day:
"Organizational consultant and author Fran Rees explains specific reasons: First, because of increasing complexity and specialization, a team leader cannot specialize in enough areas to make all the decisions her or his team faces; help must be provided by members on the team."

From Chapter 2. Sustaining Team Leadership (p24) of the book Transformational Leadership (pdf) by Paul Schlosberg – a MagPro Publishing author (

MagPro Photo of the Day:
Mount Tabor, Israel

Some feel that this Mount Tabor is the site that Yeshua (Jesus), Moses and Elijah chatted for a bit – Yeshua's Dad joined them as well. Moses was not previously allowed to see the promised land, but only glanced at it from from across the Jordan River. With Christ, he was allowed.

[See Matthew 17:1-9, Deuteronomy 34:1]

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Mike, Atop an Archway at The Peak of Mount Tabor

My friend, Mike, easily climbed this archway before I even noticed he was climbing it. Anat, Hermes and I enjoyed the view of our friend after his accomplishment, while he enjoyed the view of Israel from this altitudinous position. Misop Baynun

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