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This 'MagPro Photo of the Day' shows a friendly fellow in Jerico, Palestine, giving away bananas to us as we traveled by his path. I pray his generosity and hospitality spill over into Jericho amidst the recent troubles going on in this area. Let us share in my banana giving friend’s spirit of not being judgmental, but of being graceful. And also, let us not judge all of the children of Israel or all the children of Ishmael or all the people of Europe, or even all the people of America, by the actions of few. But if anyone of us on earth believes that God is alive, remember that vengeance is the Lord's. We don't have to extract vengeance for ourselves if we feel we have been wronged; if God is alive he can take care of this. Sure, there is a time that we should get involved, but often we rush towards revenge in a spirit of arrogance instead of showing the mercy of God to those around us – even to those who have wronged us. Let’s start trying to get excited about showing the mercy and love of God to one another, even to those that we consider our enemies, instead of rushing to vengeance every time we feel we have been wronged or indeed have been wronged. Misop Baynun

MagPro Song of the Day: "All For Not" from the One Duct Road album by Misop Baynun

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