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How To Deal With CoViD-19

Alleged Causes of, Why Some Vaccines Should Not Be Taken, and Proposed Answers to This Dilemma—book by Misop Baynun

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Excerpts from the book:


“With many COVID-19 vaccines peeking over from behind the yet to be approved for mass consumption wall, and with one of them already approved and released out into the world but not yet widely distributed or injected into many people's arms as of yet; rumors of draconian measures being proposed to be taken to attempt to convince even those not convinced that taking some of the proposed vaccines would be wise; a belief that taking some of these vaccines would also be considered immoral due to them being originally produced with or containing aborted baby fetal cell tissue; a belief that genetically engineered cells, or synthetic cells, as is used in some of these Covid-19 vaccines, like genetically engineered food, should not be taken into the body; a feeling that some of these vaccines are yet unproven since they are using new technologies never used before other than in trials and that they are being released long before the often considered safer 10 to 15 year testing period for such vaccines has been accomplished; and also a belief that safer, more effective ways to deal with such a pandemic are available; it seems appropriate to comment on the Covid-19 situation.”

Chapter 4. Why Christians and Others Who Value Life Should Be against Taking a COVID-19 Vaccine Made of or Produced Using Cells from Aborted Children Who Were Created in the Image of God and Killed without Their Consent

“Going against what God teaches is what caused disease and death to first come into the world. Even if another tells you that you would be better off disregarding God’s instructions, by deceitfully reasoning with you or by some other means, this does not mean you should do it. For it is best not to disregard God's commandment about loving your neighbor as yourself. For wouldn't this be broken by killing or approving of the killing of an unborn child, or by using fetal cell tissue from that killed child to your alleged medical benefit?”

“If God wanted our medical practices to include methodologies that could only be accomplished by us going beyond God’s moral code, I feel God would have told us about this. Yet there is no such indication in God’s Word that God stated anything similar to the following statement: ....”

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