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About MagPro.org

MagPro.org is where MagPro Books, MagPro Ministries, MagPro Music, MagPro Visual and More are hosted. MagPro.org is run by the same crew as runs the MagPro.com website (and many other websites). MagPro.org tries to inspire and provide artistic pieces and tools to help people enjoy, get together and understand God and others and grow in their faith, ministries, and love for God and one another.

We believe Jesus Christ (Yeshua Mashiach) is the only begotton Son of God and that his attonment sacrifice was and is God the Father's means for our salvtion provided for us through Christ's victory on the cross at Calvary—via our placing our faith in Yeshua. We believe in the Triune Godhead (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), who exist, commune and work together as one God.

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